6 Compelling reasons to not jailbreak your iPad

For most users, the iPad is fantastic just as it is. It’s easy to use and there are myriad apps and content available to download from the App Store. But there are people who aren’t too happy with the restrictions that Apple imposes on how they can control and customize their device.

The benefits of cloud computing in healthcare

Cloud computing is gradually becoming the norm for healthcare organizations around the world. Whether via a browser-based tool or a mobile app, it’s easier than ever to deliver patient care from anywhere with an internet connection. If you’re still hesitant to embrace cloud technology, it’s time to reconsider.

How does telemedicine help patients?

Telemedicine means exactly as it sounds — a medical service delivered via telephone or any communications platform. Nearly one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has proven itself to be viable and valuable for patients and caregivers alike.

Got a new MacBook? Here’s what you need to do first

The 2020 MacBook models boast of a new processor that promises a longer battery life and better speed. Plus, they offer the ability to run iPhone and iPad apps. But before you start using your new device, make the following tweaks to ensure even better performance and functionality.

What you need to know about Mac ransomware

New strains of ransomware usually impact many Windows users, while only a small percentage of Mac users get affected. However, there are ransomware strains that specifically target Apple’s computers. Defending against these threats is crucial if your business mostly uses Macs.

Writing an effective to-do list

No one can refute the positive benefits of creating a to-do list when you really need to get things done. One of the most evident advantages is that it gives people who use it the ability to increase their productivity. A problem many business owners run across is that their lists are hard to follow, leading to a decrease in productivity.

Increase productivity with iPad and apps

Many businesses are now starting to integrate tablets into their everyday dealings, and one of the more popular tablets is Apple’s iPad. One of the reasons people love it so much is because of the sheer amount of apps it can employ. Several of these can help users increase their productivity, and this is something that many businesses can benefit from.

Turn your iPad into a Wi-Fi powerhouse!

Being able to connect to the Internet wherever we may be has become one thing we view as incredibly important. Many managers now have a cellular plan with a data connection and regularly check in with the office using tablets like the Apple iPad. But what happens if you need to use your laptop and don’t have access to Wi-Fi? With the new iPad, you can share your network connection.

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