Why America One?

Our Mission

America One's mission is summarized in our slogan "Swift Answers. Personal Attention." It is one of the key things that make America One fundamentally different from our competition.

It reminds us that we must not only provide top-quality services but it emphasizes:

Minimal response times
Swift reactions to client problems is one of the bedrock principles that this company was founded upon. We realize that the hallmark of every effective service company is a rapid response. When a client is in a difficult or crisis situation, we strive to provide same day service.

Strong relationships 
Today every client expects great customer service and it is the goal of every business to provide it. However not every business seeks to establish real relationships with their clientele. When America One interacts with its clients, we understand that loyalty is a two-way street. Our solid relationships compel us to deliver on our promises. We are always ready to go that extra mile.

Personal explanations 
In the complex world of computers and information systems, clients can become easily lost in the myriad of options and choices. We take the time to make sure clients understand their technological choices in plain English and not in "techno-babble".

Essential Solutions 
We endeavor to identify and meet the end-user's needs and not recommend what isn't needed. We seek creative solutions within the budget of the person or organization while maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI). For the particularly budget-conscious, our experts can help you map out a longer-term plan that will meet your technology needs through staged development, financing or other options.

“We at Graham Contracting have enjoyed our relationship with America One for nearly a decade. The services they have provided have always been quick, complete and professional. It is without reservation I would refer them to any of our peers.”

Bryan Beaver,
Graham Contracting

Our team of highly trained technical experts and consultants fits effortlessly into the workings of your business, for a smooth transition to more functional IT solutions.

Let strategic IT solutions from America One propel your business to greater heights.

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