Hot doc? Print it directly from iPad

One of the biggest trends of the past three years is the rise of the tablet as a replacement to the personal computer, largely due to the Apple iPad. The tablet has proven itself more than a fad and to actually be an incredibly useful business tool. To extend its usefulness, Apple and app developers […]

Share iPad connection with colleagues

One of the most frustrating things, when it comes to the Internet, is finding a stable connection while outside the office. Most coffee shops and hotels offer Wi-Fi, but you have to pay to connect. If you have a new iPad with a cellular data connection, you can share the connection with up to five […]

Presentations Made Easy With the iPad

Computers have changed a lot since the early days, going from machines the size of buildings to devices not much bigger than a stack of paper. The next big step in this evolution is the tablet computer, and leading the charge is the Apple iPad. With a multitude of useful features including the ability to […]

Presentations Made Easy With the iPad

Earlier this year, thousands of Delta passengers worldwide were grounded due to a power outage that halted critical IT operations. This was a huge problem not only for the many delayed travelers, but also for the airline company itself. Within three days, the airline company cancelled around 2300 flights and paid over millions of dollars […]

New iPad, Same Same but Slightly Different

When people hear the word “Apple”, most don’t think of a round red or green fruit, they think of the company. Apple and its products have become well known, with not only a loyal fan base, but products that look good and work well. One of the most successful products is the Apple iPad, and […]